Explaining Concepts About How to Screenshot on Google Pixel 4

If you want to know, how to screenshot on Google Pixel 4, then you are on the right page. The ability to take screenshots, on any Google Pixel 4, would be a crucial feature in today’s smartphone or tablet.

Some programs could do this job. But thankfully, you would not need to download any more apps because it is built within the Android 10 os.

When we take a screenshot, users can save that Messenger chat, Tinder profile, Insta post, Fb image, or short video to any Google smartphone’s memory.

The Google Pixel 4 cellphones are the company’s most recent flagship models. Maybe you’ll need to capture a screenshot of what’s presently on the device’s screen. The great news would be that you have a few options. This is how to screenshot on Google Pixel 4

Explaining – How To Screenshot On Google Pixel 4 – Method 1:

This is the most basic method for capturing a screenshot on something like a Google Pixel 4 mobile. It’s far more convenient than pressing the power and audio buttons simultaneously.

  • Locate the display on your smartphone that you wish to screenshot.
  • Next, for only a few seconds, simply press and hold the Start key along the right edge of the Google Pixel 4.
  • After that, you would see some symbols appear on the display. There would be one for “Power On,” another for “Restart,” as well as a third for “Screenshot.” Select the “Screenshot” option.
  • A notification must appear somewhere at top of your display. This should show that now the screenshot was stored on your device. You may view the shot by tapping on the notice. You may also share, modify, or remove the snapshot by tapping on the choices.

You Can Also Use Your Voice with Google Assistant To Take A Screenshot

There is an alternative way to the question of how to screenshot on Google Pixel 4. It is managed by Google Assistant and thus does not require the use of the shutdown physical key.

  • First, ensure that Google Assistant is turned on. If you haven’t previously accomplished so, long-press your home icon at the lower part of the display and then start following the Assistant configuration steps.
  • When you’re prepared to snap a screenshot on the Google Pixel 4, speak “Ok Google” and long hold the home icon once more to awaken Assistant.
  • Simply say “Take screenshot” whenever the Assistant comes.
  • The recorded photograph is saved instantly in the Google Gallery for the smartphone or tablet. The picture gallery may be found on the main screen; based upon that edition of the program loaded, it must have a picture icon. It’s conceivable that Google Photos represents your picture gallery program.


 1. Why Can’t I Screenshot On My Google Pixel?

Before we go into the repairs, let’s first define the issue. If you see the error message ‘Cannot obtain a screenshot’.

So the application has limited screenshot capacity or if your smartphone is representing your employer or college, the webpage comprises private information alerts. It has absolutely nothing to do with the smartphone.

When you capture a screenshot, it may seem vacant in instances. This is widespread in apps like Netflix and financial applications.

You might also contact the company that gave your smartphone or you could utilize Google Assistant to capture screenshots of prohibited applications to resolve the issue.

Alternatively, if feasible, delete the related work profile from Settings > Accounts. This will turn off the screenshot protection. Please bear in consideration that doing so will prevent you from using the linked applications or email for this kind of account.

Often, a lack of storage capacity is to blame for screenshots never functioning on Android. Many customers also receive the “Didn’t take screenshot owing to insufficient storage space” notification.

Consider these storage-freezing techniques if your smartphone is going short on storage. You would be able to snap screenshots when you have sufficient internal memory.

 2. How Do I Take A Screenshot On My Google Phone?

You might take screenshots on Google smartphones in a variety of methods, based on your smartphone. The most frequent way is to briefly press and grip the Power as well as Volume down keys. Alternatively, I push and immediately release the Power & Volume down buttons. It is not necessary to grip it; otherwise, it will not operate.

The screenshot icon is also available in Quick settings on certain Google phones. Aside from it, for smartphones operating Android 11, the Screenshot option may be found on the Current applications screen. This is how to screenshot on Google Pixel 4.

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