How To Change Input On Samsung TV

Compared to standard TVs, the Samsung Smart TV offers more advanced connectivity. It enables the user to set up and operate sophisticated apps on a particular platform. 

The Samsung TV’s basic controls are simple to use. The Samsung Smart TV has several input choices, including HDMI, USB, RF, Screen Mirroring, AirPlay, and others. 

To acquire music or video from various sources, one must know how to adjust the input on a Samsung TV.

How To Change The Source On Your Samsung Tv

How To Change Input On Samsung TV

External devices that can deliver audio and video material to your smart TV are input devices, also known as sources. Most Samsung TVs accept several input devices via various ports, including USB, HDMI, A/V, and antenna. 

At the back of your TV, there are connectors that you can use to connect them.

The techniques listed below can change from one input device to another. Make careful to test them all to see which works best for your Samsung TV.

Method 1: On a Samsung TV, change the input by pressing the remote’s Source button.

The Source button on your Samsung TV’s remote is the most popular method for changing the Source. On the remote, it is next to the Power button in the top-right corner.

  • Use the Source button on your remote to change the input on your Samsung TV by doing the following:
  • Make sure the input device is connected by opening your Samsung TV.
  • On the remote, press the Source button. Various input options will now appear on the screen.
  • Press OK after selecting the device’s associated input source.
  • Your chosen input device will now appear on the screen of your Samsung TV.

Method 2: Connect the Input Device While Your Samsung TV Is On

Plugging an input device in while the smart TV is on is another technique to switch from the Source on the smart TV to the input device. This will compel your Samsung TV to recognize the plugged-in input device and turn it on automatically.

Occasionally, it will display the Source menu. From there, choose the input option for the device to which your Samsung TV is attached.

Method 3: Using the menu button on the remote to change the input on a Samsung TV

You can change the input or Source of your TV using the Menu button, similar to the first technique. This feature is usually present on newer Samsung TV remote controls and can be used instead of the Source button if your Samsung TV doesn’t have one.

Follow these instructions to switch the input on a Samsung TV using the menu button on the remote:

  • Make sure the input device is connected by opening your Samsung TV.
  • On the remote, press the Menu button. It is next to the Smart Hub buttons and below the Volume buttons.
  • Choose a source. The numerous input devices attached to your Samsung TV will be visible.
  • Note: Once many input devices are linked to your TV, you can also decide to rename one input.
  • Press OK after selecting your preferred input method.

Method 4.: Utilizing the TV control button on your Samsung TV 

The TV control button on most contemporary Samsung TV models enables you to do simple operations like changing the source input. It works when you don’t have a remote, or it’s broken.

  • The TV’s control button might be on the device’s middle, side, or rear, under the front panel.
  • Use the steps listed below to change to a source input using the TV control button:
  • Press the Source button on the set TV control buttons after turning on your Samsung TV.
  • Locate the input method you want to use. The input device’s display will now appear on your smart TV.

Method 5: Using the SmartThings App

You may use the SmartThings app on your smartphone to control your smart TV if your Samsung TV is already connected.

You can use the virtual remote on the SmartThings app to manage your Samsung smart TV, just like other smart devices linked to the app.

  • Utilizing the SmartThings app, perform the following to modify the input source on your Samsung TV:
  • Ensure the input device is connected and your Samsung TV is turned on.
  • Open the SmartThings app on your phone after that.
  • Select your Samsung TV from the list by choosing Menu. The screen will now show a virtual remote.
  • Choose the desired input choice by pressing the Source button on the remote. Your chosen input device will now replace the smart TV’s default input.

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How Do I Manually Change The Input On My Samsung TV?

How To Change Input On Samsung TV

You may also control your TV with any digital remote app or SmartThings. Press the “source” button on the remote control or the TV’s side to switch the input on a Samsung TV.

Press “home” to go to the home screen and find the source section if there isn’t one. Voice commands can also be used.

Method 1: By connecting a device while both of them are on.

  • Do you have a new input device connected to your Samsung TV?
  • And you desire automatic content output from your TV?
  • If so, ensure both devices are turned on before attaching a source.

Method 2: By using the remote’s source button

  • The source/input button on both Samsung and universal remotes is compatible with this technique.
  • If your TV remote control has a “source” button,…
  • The source button can be rapidly used to switch the TV’s input.

Method 3: By using the Smart Hub’s source configuration

  • Unless your TV remote has a separate source button,
  • Alternatively, maybe the source button is broken.
  • You may still access the source settings through the Smart Hub menu page.

How To Change Input Source On Samsung TV With Remote

How To Change Input On Samsung TV

Alternate Input Using the Remote’s Source Button

A Source button is present on the top of the remote control of every Samsung smart TV. All available input options will be seen on the screen when you press the Source button.

You can change the input by using the D-pad on your remote to scroll down to the selection and pressing OK.

Modify Input By Pressing The Menu Button.

  • On the remote, press the Menu button.
  • Select Source and click OK.
  • A pop-up window will then open, displaying all sources and inputs attached to the Samsung TV.
  • Select any input from the list and press the OK button.

Connecting A Device To The Samsung TV

Occasionally, you may be unable to use your TV’s input or Menu. The plug-in approach can be used in this circumstance. Connect any device to one of the input ports on your Samsung TV, then turn the TV on. 

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How To Change Input Source On Samsung TV Without Remote

  1. Using the Samsung TV’s Control Button
  2. by utilizing the SmartThings app


When choosing to utilize your Samsung TV as an output device, you can connect various sources to it to the device’s standard input.

There are several ways to switch to the input device after it has been adequately connected. So perhaps these techniques will help you go from your TV input to a connected source device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Won’t My Samsung TV Let Me Change The Source?
This can be the result of a problem or merely insufficient battery power. Your remote’s batteries need to be changed. You could spend a lot less time if you had new batteries.

Try adjusting the input using the TV buttons if you’re unsure whether the problem is with the remote.

2. How Do I Change TV Input Without A Remote?
How can you change the input on a TV without remote control or buttons? Even on earlier television models, the input mode can be changed by pushing the “Input” button and choosing a desired input with the channel or volume keys.

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