How To Connect Samsung TV To WIFI Effortlessly

It’s time to connect your Samsung TV to the internet now that it has been configured. You can stream videos and enjoy them on a bigger screen when your TV is connected, just like you would on your phone.

On the App, you must register. Following registration:

  • Visit the SmartThings App; your TV should be able to be found there. 
  • To utilize your phone as a remote control, click the blue button labeled “Remote.”
  • When your phone detects your TV device, click Connect.
  • After downloading, adhere to these instructions to join a wifi network.
  • Verify that you have the wireless Router’s SSID (name) and password settings before attempting to connect.
  • Choose Menu.
  • Tap on the network name under wifi and Connectivity under Settings > wifi and Connectivity.
  • Select Done, enter the network password and then click OK.
  • The network connection of your TV will be checked, and any issues will be shown.

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Why Is My Samsung TV Not Connecting To WIFI?

Our investigation indicates that the problem’s root cause is not clear-cut and may be caused by several different things. Some of the contributing factors are as follows:

DNS Configuration

When connecting to the internet, certain TVs’ DNS settings are incorrect, causing a dispute between the TV and the Router. The user needs to change the settings for the internet to connect manually.

Out-Of-Date Software

If the firmware on your TV is out-of-date, it cannot work correctly. The TV must be upgraded to the most recent firmware, depending on your location, for all settings to be configured correctly.

The Mac Address Block

Every device that connects to the wifi router uses a different address, and occasionally the user or the ISP may forbid that address from doing so. If this is the case, the TV won’t be able to connect to that wifi router anymore until the ISP relaxes the restriction.

A General Flaw

It has been widely reported that the Samsung Smart TV software has a general fault where the network settings become corrupted and need reset for the connection to function correctly. This reset occurs if you use the remote to turn off the TV for 10 to 15 minutes.

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How To Fix Samsung TV WIFI Connection Problems

We advise testing these alternatives in the order they are offered to prevent conflicts.

  1. Start the TV again
  2. As usual, turn on the TV and leave it on for around five minutes.
  3. Restarting the Internet
  4. Turn off the power to the Internet router.
  5. Switching Internet Service Providers
  6. Open the wifi Settings on the TV after turning it on.
  7. Turn on your phone’s Hotspot.
  8. When the Hotspot’s name appears in the list of accessible connections, connect to it to see if the issue continues.
  9. The internet router will probably prevent access to the TV’s Mac Address even if it is correctly linked to the mobile Hotspot.

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How To Connect Samsung TV To WIFI Without Adapter

With this technique, the Samsung TV will automatically connect to your wifi network, so you won’t need to do anything manually. This explanation will only function if your Router has a “WPS” button.

Press Next after selecting “WPS” in the Samsung TV app’s network settings.

Holding down the “WPS” button will cause your Router to connect itself automatically.

Samsung TVs frequently have connectivity problems. Recently, there have been a lot of reports from people who cannot connect their Samsung TVs to a wifi network.

Alternative Way To Connect Your Samsung TV To WIFI Without Remote

If you press and hold the center button for an extended period, the Samsung TV will turn on without a remote. A TV controller is located on the Samsung television’s rear. You can choose a color by pushing the middle button just once. One option will be chosen when youngling between them.

Connect Samsung TV Via Mobile App

Download and use the SmartThings App on your smartphone to set up a Smart TV.

When you start setup up your mobile device, your TV will immediately share Network and Samsung Account information with you.

Add the apps you want to use to the Smart Hub by choosing them.

I’m done now! Just unwind right now and enjoy your Smart TV!

Connect Samsung TV Via USB

The TV Controller should be located there. The TV Controller button is on the back of the Samsung TV at the bottom right corner of the image.

It can move the pointer left, right, up, and down.

Once you’ve located it on your Samsung TV, hold down the button.

To move the pointer and click on INPUT, you can use your mouse, keyboard, or gaming controller.

Choose Live TV.

Just below Channel, choose Recommended.

To configure a channel, click.

Enter your password and choose “Router SSID.”


We hope that this post has assisted you in resolving Samsung TV wifi connection issues, allowing you to resume viewing your favorite programs and taking advantage of other fantastic Smart TV features.

See our tutorial on scanning channels on a Samsung TV for more information if you’re interested.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do I manually connect my Samsung TV to wifi?

  1. To open the Smart Hub, press the Home button on the TV’s remote control.
  2. Select Settings, General, and Network using the directional pad on the Remote.
  3. Choose Open Network Settings.
  4. Pick Wireless.
  5. Choose the name of your wireless Network.

Q2. How do I access my Samsung TV settings without a remote?

Without a remote, you can just long-press the center button to switch on the Samsung TV. The Samsung TV’s front panel occasionally has a button for the TV controller in the center. There are around five buttons. The TV will turn on if you press the center button for a long time.

How do I connect my phone to my Samsung TV without the remote?

You can set up your TV with the Samsung SmartThings app if you’ve misplaced your Samsung TV remote control. You can purchase a replacement or a universal remote if you have a standard TV instead.

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