Know How To Factory Reset Motorola

Wondering how to factory reset Motorola? We can help you with that.

Sometimes when we forget our lock screen password or the keys of our devices become unresponsive, we’ve to face being locked up and required to do a factory reset.

So, how to factory reset Motorola safely? Below, we’ve discussed easy ways to factory reset your Motorola device.

How To Hard Reset Locked Motorola Phone

A hard reset allows you to unlock your Motorola phone. However, you must know that it’ll erase each data saved on the device. Make sure your device is at least 30% charged for finishing the process smoothly. 

Follow these steps for performing a hard reset on your Motorola device – 

  • Ensure that the phone is switched off. Continuously press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together, until the device logo appears on the screen.
  • Press the Volume Down key for scrolling through the Recovery Mode option and press the Power key for confirming it.
  •  Utilize the Volume Down key for shifting the cursor towards the Wipe data or factory reset option. Press the Power key for selecting it.
  • After the completion of the formatting process, press the Power key for choosing ‘Reboot System Now’.

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Reset Motorola Phone When Locked With Android Phone Unlocked

You can utilize tools such as Droid Kit for resetting your Motorola device when locked, as well. It can effortlessly unlock your device for resetting it.
All you’ll have to do is to download Droid Kit from its official website and then follow the steps mentioned below – 

  • Install and launch the tool. Choose the Unlock Screen mode.
  • Connect the Motorola phone to your computer through a USB cable. Click ‘Start’.
  • After the completion of file configuration and file preparation, tap ‘Remove Now’.
  • Select the device brand ‘Motorola’, then click ‘Next’.
  • Follow the instructions for putting your phone into Recovery Mode along with Wipe Cache Partition. Once finished, DroidKit will begin to remove the screen lock.
  • After the screen lock is removed, you can access your device without the tension of passwords or resetting.

how to factory reset motorola

What Will Be Erased After Resetting?

Before you reset your Motorola phone, it is very important that you become well aware of the fact that once you will perform the process of resetting your device,

the entire data stored on the phone will be automatically removed, and eventually it will bring the device back to the default settings.

If we have to be more specific, your Motorola phone will return to its original state as it was at the time you bought it. 

Therefore, all the photos, videos, audio, contacts, apps, and other things that were stored on the device by you, ever since you’ve started to use the phone will be completely deleted from it.

You should remember to make some preparations prior to resetting your Motorola phones, such as making a backup of each essential file along with other data and information.

Ensure the backup is completed before you reset the device. However, there is some data that will not be erased during the process of reset.

The operating system along with some other essential firmware will still remain stored on your Motorola phone. 

Hence, whenever you are going to reset your device, this will not be deleted. Rather, it will be more likely to re-install every essential software and program for the phone again.

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