How to Refund a Game on Oculus Quest 2

Remember that certain conditions must be met to receive a refund for an Oculus Quest 2 game. On the other hand, refunding games on most platforms is notoriously difficult, and Oculus’ refund policy is relatively lenient.

The Oculus Quest 2 is a well-packaged VR headset for veterans and newcomers, providing a self-contained way to play VR games.

Of course, not every game will be a winner, and players may feel compelled to request a refund anytime. On Oculus Quest 2, here’s how to get a refund.

Users should be able to get their money back if the software has been used for less than two hours and was purchased within the last two weeks.

Open the Oculus app on any iPhone, tablet, or other supported devices to refund a game on the Oculus Quest 2.

Then, in the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen, press the “Menu” button. Select settings, then purchase history from the drop-down menu. In the new menu that appears, it should be the third option.

Users should see a list of the most recent software they purchased, as well as the price and payment method used to acquire each one, once they are in their purchase history.

Tap “Request Refund” after selecting the purchase to be refunded. If the game is not eligible for a refund, a message will appear explaining why. Players should be notified that their refund request has been submitted if this is not the case.

Users should know whether or not their refund request has been accepted in a short period of time after submitting it, usually a few hours but no more than one business day.

It’s worth noting, however, that the funds may take some time to return to the account from which they came, so don’t expect it to happen right away. That said, it’s still preferable to permanently losing money on a game that isn’t working.

The best VR games will have no reason to be refunded, but it will be more difficult to find VR experiences that click than traditional games. Certain games can cause motion sickness and vertigo, which is reason enough to return a game that isn’t working out.

What Is the Time Frame for Getting a Refund?

After you submit your refund request, Oculus will review it and email you an update. While your request is being studied, the game will be unavailable.

Re-visit your Purchase History in the Oculus App to check the status of your refund request.

It could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day for your refund to be approved, so be patient. Your funds are credited using the same payment method you used to purchase it once your refund is approved.

What Are the Refund Policies for the Oculus Store?

You must request a refund within 14 days of purchase and have used the app for less than two hours to be eligible for a refund from the Oculus Store.

Subscriptions, films, bundles, in-app content, and apps that have been previously refunded and repurchased are rarely eligible for refunds in the Oculus store.

Even if you don’t qualify for a refund under these terms, Meta (Oculus’ parent company) may still be willing to give you one. This is true regardless of whether the app is defective or not as advertised. Instead of following the above instructions, you should contact Oculus Support.


With Oculus’ generous refund policy, you can rest easy knowing that you can get a refund with no questions asked as long as you’re within the 14-day return window and haven’t played more than 2 hours of game time.

This allows you to try out some games that you might not be sure about without fear of being stuck with them indefinitely and not being able to get your money back.

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