How To Reset The Oculus Pin?

To confirm your identity, Oculus will use the pin you selected when you set up your account.

Transactions made in the Oculus store can also be made easier with its help.

Since the PIN is associated with your Oculus account, it will be used on all your Oculus devices.

If you forget your identification number (PIN), you always have the option to reset it.

You’ll need to remember your PIN to update it, but you can do so through the Oculus PC client, website, mobile app, or the iPhone app for Samsung Gear VR

If you have forgotten your Oculus PIN and need to change or reset it, this guide will walk you through the process on the Oculus website or mobile app.

To change your Oculus (Quest 2) PIN, you will need to log in to your account

Then, select any application or game, touch the price, then tap “Forgot PIN?” To reset your PIN, choose a new PIN, enter your current password, and hit “Submit.”

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How To Reset Your Oculus Pin

how to reset oculus pin

1) Log in to your Oculus account

  • The initial action is to visit the Oculus website.
  • After visiting the Oculus website, you must log in to your account.
  • Tap the menu symbol in the upper navigation bar if you use a mobile browser.
  • Tap “Log in / Register” from the menu.
  • After tapping “Log in / Sign up,” select “Log In With Facebook” to access your Oculus account.

2) Choose “Apps and Games.”

  • After logging into your Oculus account, you must navigate to a compatible app or game.
  • You can later reset your Oculus PIN by pressing the purchase button on a compatible app or game.
  • Tap the menu icon in the navigation bar’s header.
  • Tap “Apps & Games” in the menu to see the “Apps & Games” page.

3) Select any application or game

  • After selecting “Apps & Games,” you will arrive at the “Apps & Games” screen.
  • You will find limited-time offers, creator bundles, charts, and more on the page.
  • Now you must choose an app or game.
  • This article will select the game from the “Limited-Time Offers” section.
  • You are not required to choose the same app or game.

4) Tap on the price

  • After selecting a game, you will arrive at its specifics.
  • This includes the item’s age rating, reviews, and description.
  • You must purchase an application or game to reset your Oculus PIN.
  • Tap the pricing of the software or game to do so.
  • However, you are not required to purchase the app or game; this is done by browsing the pin reset page.

5) Tap “Forgot your PIN?”

  • After tapping the app or game’s pricing, the “Confirm Purchase” pop-up will appear.
  • The pop-up displays the game’s total price, including tax.
  • To purchase the game, the Oculus pin must be entered.
  • You can reset your PIN because you’ve forgotten it.
  • To accomplish this, tap “Forgot PIN?” next to “Enter PIN.”

6) Reset your Oculus PIN

  • After selecting “Forgot PIN? “the “Reset Your Oculus PIN” window will appear.
  • To reset your PIN, you must have access to your existing password.
  • Please select a new Oculus password and input it.
  • Next, input your existing password to validate your new PIN.
  • The final step is pressing “Submit” to reset your Oculus pin!

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How To Change Your Oculus Pin

how to reset oculus pin

Update your Oculus PIN using the PC:

  • Launch the Oculus software on your PC.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu on the left.
  • Under “Account,” select “Oculus PIN.”
  • Select a new PIN and enter your existing password.
  • Click “Submit”

Modify your Oculus PIN via the mobile application:

  • Launch the mobile Oculus app.
  • Select your profile image.
  • Click “Account Settings.”
  • Enter your existing PIN, select a new PIN, and then touch “Submit.”

Update your Oculus password on the Samsung Gear VR app:

  • Launch the mobile Oculus app.
  • Click “More.”
  • Tap on “Reset Oculus Pin.”
  • Provide your existing password.
  • Select a new PIN and select “Save.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if I forget my Oculus pin?

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click Security in the menu on the left. If security is not shown, click Devices and then click security.
  • Next to PIN, click the Edit button.
  • Click Forgot Password below Save.
  • Click Request PIN Reset.
  • Following the email’s instructions to reset your PIN.

2. What is my Oculus quest pin?

The Oculus Pin is a five-digit identifier that identifies and protects you as a user.

Your personal information, purchases, and account settings are all safeguarded by the PIN you created.

This will be the primary determinant in validating future transactions and account property changes.

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