Know About How To Turn Off Samsung S21

Usually, Samsung places the power button on the right side of their device, below the volume button. The power button was earlier used for powering down the device, however, now it performs different functions. 

Pressing it one time puts the device to sleep, which means only the screen turns off and not the phone. Pressing the button for a comparatively long time opens Bixby, the smart assistant of Samsung. 

Although the functions have changed, it does not mean that the phone can’t be turned off! So, if you are wondering how to turn off the Samsung s21, don’t worry! Here are some ways to shut down your phone.

How To Turn Off Samsung S21 From The Notification Shade

You can find the first method in the notification panel. Follow these steps – 

  • From the top of the screen – swipe down for getting the notification shade.
  • Swipe down one more time, so the notification shade takes up the entire screen.
  • Click on the power button located in the right corner at the top.
  • Click on ‘Power Off’ (or Restart, depending on your need)

How To Turn Off Samsung S21 From The Power Button And Volume Button

The power button can be still utilized for switching off your Samsung S21.All you need to do is long-press the power button and volume down button together, which will open a menu, and from there you can turn off the device. Click on ‘Power Off’ (or Restart, depending on your need).

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 Samsung s21

How To Turn Off Samsung S21 By Asking Bixby

One more way to turn off your device is by pressing and holding the power button for summoning Bixby. While you are pressing the power button, after the Bixby animation pops up at the bottom of your device, say

‘Turn off my phone, and then release the button. 

There will be a prompt that will ask you to ‘Power off’ or ‘Restart’. Tap the suitable button. 

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How To Turn Off Samsung S21 If The Phone Is Frozen

 Samsung s21 

Your phone might sometimes freeze and become non-responsive. If it happens, don’t panic! All is not gone! 

For 15 seconds, press and hold the power and volume down button. Doing it will force your device to restart, and any issue will clear up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn off 5G on my Samsung S21?

For turning off 5G on your Samsung S21 you will have to go to Settings – Connections – Mobile Networks – Network Mode and then select an option other than 5G such as LTE, 3G, 2G, etc. 

For turning off the mobile data, swipe down and tap Mobile Data in the quick settings. 

2. What is the difference between the Galaxy Samsung S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra?
The basic difference between these three is the size of the screen. The Screen size of the Galaxy S21 is 6.2inches, Galaxy S21 Plus is 6.7inches, and Galaxy S21 Ultra is 6.8inches. 

Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus are significantly similar except for the size of the screens and batteries. 

As for Galaxy S21 Ultra, it acquires better camera quality, more RAM, and internal storage space.

To Wrap Up

The power button of the Samsung S21 is now carrying a lot of functions, and arguably ‘Power Button’ has become a byname.

Considering the latest changes in the interface, you can possibly be confused; however, now you know how to turn off the Samsung s21 in three ways.

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